Tiptoe Primary School, Lymington, Hampshire, UK

Tiptoe Primary School, Lymington, Hampshire, UK

Children come to Tiptoe from a wide geographical area including Barton, Hordle and Sway. Places may be available in your child's year group
- please contact us at the school.

NB. The School Site will be closed whilst building work takes place for health and safety reasons. We hope to reopen the site before the end of the summer holidays. Thank you for your co-operation.
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Congratulations –Excellent Year 6 SATs Results

Details to follow shortly


A Note About The School Performance Tables (Summer 2013)

I am quite often asked about the school performance tables and how Tiptoe appears in them compared to other local schools. Our data is quite often lower than other local schools despite our exceptional SATs results. The reason for this is that we are an inclusive school with a resourced provision (Class 5). The children in the resourced provision have made outstanding progress this year and we are very proud of this. These children do not sit the SATs tests but nevertheless are included in our percentages.

I have detailed below our data as it appears in the performance tables in the Lymington Times followed by our data for those Year 6 children in Class 4. This will allow you to compare us to other local schools.



A–2 levels of progress in maths

B–2 levels of progress in reading

C–2 levels of progress in writing

D–2 levels of progress in maths, reading and writing

E– Level 4 in maths

F– Level 4 in reading

G– Level 4 in writing

Average point score

All Year 6










Class 4 only










The average point score of 30.5 puts us at joint third out of the 35 New Forest schools.

Jacqui Persson

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We are a village primary school for children aged 4-11 years old. We have a Special Needs resourced provision class for junior children with Severe Learning Difficulties. The school is located in a rural setting and the grounds include a large playing field, a pond area and purpose built outdoor play equipment.

Governors and staff work together to provide a high standard of education for all our pupils. We aim to provide a happy, stimulating environment, where children are eager to learn because they feel involved, interested and can see a purpose for their work. Children learn best when their teacher and parents work together in partnership.



The prospectus will give you some information about our school. We hope you find it interesting and helpful. No doubt there will be questions you would like to ask. Please come and visit us, and see our school in action!

Mrs Jacqui Persson, Headteacher. Mr Keith Akerman, Chair of Governors.

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