Week beginning 13th July




Hello everyone - our last full week before the summer holidays!  Let's hope the sun continues to shine so we can enjoy this gorgeous place which we live in!  I think everyone should try and put their feet in the sea this week.

I've put a new task on the art page which you might enjoy so have a look, and also there is another study unit on the Literacy page, Jump into Summer.

There are 2 picnics coming up; one for Year 6 on Friday 17th July and one for Year 5 on Tuesday 21st July.  Please bring a blanket to sit on as we will be on the field.  I'll think of some socially distanced games we can play - you know how much I love wink murder!



As the summer holidays are almost upon us, I thought it would be nice to make a plan about how to spend your 6 weeks off.  Bella and I like to do this each year with normal activities, such as camping and doing pack masks, and some more hopeful events which may not necessarily be achievable.  This could be eating chips sat in the sea in Corfu or cycling from Lymington to Brighton.  It's nice then to look at the list at the end of the holidays to see which you achieved, and to be grateful for the things you have done, however small.


Maths - White Rose Website.


We are now emailing to you the WhiteRose worksheets.  We suggest you spend 20 minutes on Timestable Rockstars and 20 minutes on BBC Bitesize maths  on the 5th day too.  


 Daily Routine

  Maths   40 minutes

  Literacy   40 minutes

  Then choose one other subject from the following list:



  sports challenge





  Mood Cafe


Each of the above subjects has a separate Subject Page. Click on each Subject to find lots of ideas and links to websites to help you with your learning.

Make sure you build exercise into your day. Take a little break in between sitting down and use it to dance, run or pick a little 5 min P.E. activity.  I'll include some challenges which might include holding a plank for over a minute or doing more than 20 press ups in a minute.


I hope you find this Class Page and the Subject Pages helpful in supporting you at home with teaching your child and keeping their learning going as best as you can.

Please do not put too much pressure on yourselves in your role as teacher of your child - you are doing a great job!  Continue to give your child lots of praise and breaks during the day.  Also check the website regularly as we will update it with new information.

Please contact me with any questions on adminoffice@tiptoe.hants.sch.uk

Miss Penegar