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Forest Enrichment Curriculum

(Starting Sept 2024)

Our FOREST curriculum is unique to our school, which is set in the New Forest. It is carefully planned to make sure that our children feel confident, valuing their own culture and identity.

It also provides enriching experiences and learning that enable them to appreciate and understand other’s culture and identities. This means they can be confident in themselves and prepared to live and thrive in a diverse and interconnected, rapidly changing world. It enhances their 'cultural capital' as defined by Ofsted -the essential knowledge that pupils need to be educated citizens, introducing them to the best that has been thought and said and helping to engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement. Complimented by our Tiptoe Learning Powers it provides some of the key ingredients our children will draw upon to be successful in society, their career and the world of work.


During our children’s school career, they will systematically visit our FOREST themes. They will experience these local and global themes within classes and as whole school days, themes or enriching events and opportunities.


We use learning, events and experiences as well as our curriculum to discover a range of people, (historical, recent, famous, those within our community) who can inspire our children to make a difference.  We also value key places, both locally and globally, and research their significance.


We actively promote a lifelong love of the arts through a broad range of experiences that encourage us to question what it means to be human. Children have many diverse opportunities to be creators, performers and audience in music dance, art and drama. Visiting companies frequently offer inspiration and examples of excellence.


We teach children to learn how to respect others, think critically and make informed decisions. Adults and children model rights-respecting behaviour and language. Tiptoe is school where children gain a powerful voice, through the successful running of our school council, leading clubs for younger children as well as each class supporting a charity. The children leave Tiptoe having the confidence to speak passionately about matters that affect others locally and across the world.


 Our children look after our environment, we grow vegetables, tend to our pond  and wildlife areas in addition to this our children support to local area of the new forest planting hedgerows and trees. We watch world news as well as local news to gain awareness and understanding of the issues affecting our planet. We inspire positive action in our school by recycling, teaching that resources are finite locally and globally.  e.g. electricity and paper. We are committed to being an environmentally friendly and sustainable school.


Mental health and wellbeing is central to our Tiptoe approach. Wellbeing incorporates mind, body and soul – MIND - This means that our children are taught tools to understand and look after their own and others mental health. BODY- They experience the joy of being active through activities like P.E., super skills and outdoor learning. SOUL – understanding a wide range of beliefs and themselves as a spiritual young person through a range of visits and visitors as well as in class.


To show every child who comes to Tiptoe Primary they are valued and cared for within a school community that has high aspirations for them now and for their future lives. Our aspirations focus is all about raising aspirations and opening up the world of work. This involves building their self-belief, their resilience, recognising their qualities and how they could be used in the workplace. It shows children what careers are out there and the skills they will need to leave a positive footprint wherever they go in life.