Below are this week's maths sheets to print.

Maths worksheets for week beginning 8th June

Year 6 - Questions

View document maths/year_6_lesson_1_week_7.pdf

View document maths/year_6_lesson_2_week_7.pdf

View document year_6_lesson_3_week_7.pdf

View document year_6_lesson_4_week_7.pdf

Year 6 - Answers

View document y6_lesson_1_answers_wk7.pdf

View document y6_lesson_2_answers_wk7.pdf

View document y6_lesson_3_answers_wk7.pdf

View document y6_lesson_4_answers_wk7.pdf

Year 5 - Questions

View document y5_lesson-1_week_7.pdf


View document y5_lesson-2_wk.pdf

View document y5_lesson-3_wk_7.pdf

View document y5_lesson-4_wk_7.pdf

Year 5 - Answers

View document y5_lesson-1-answers_wk7.pdf

View document y5_lesson-2-answers_wk7.pdf

View document y5_lesson-3-answers_wk7.pdf

View document y5_lesson-4-answers_wk7.pdf

Another great site to use is Maths Factor led by Carol Vorderman.  Your parents will need to sign you up but then you have access to daily sessions, games and challenges which look fun!

Timestable Rock Stars and Numbots

You have your usernames and passwords for this great site and the more you go on it, the quicker your maths will become!