• Here are some online lessons which aim to help with phonics. 

Set 1 is Phase 2 sounds   9:30 am

Set 2 is Phase 3 sounds   10 am 

- If you feel confident with your phase 2 sounds and phase 3 sounds try 

Set 3. 10:30 

Go to this website to join in with the lessons.



  • New! online daily phonic lessons

Letters and Sounds Letter for Parents

- Please click on this yellow link for a letter to parents about the new 'Letters an Sounds' online lessons on You tube. 





Phase 4  Click here for Daily Phonics Activities 

  • Click on the link above for a daily phonic activity that you can complete. Try one activity a day. Take a picture of your learning and upload it to Tapestry. 


Continue to practice CVCC words: tent, damp, toast, chimp

For example, in the word ‘toast’, t = consonant, oa = vowel, s = consonant, t = consonant.

and CCVC words: swim, plum, sport, cream, spoon

For example, in the word ‘cream’, c = consonant, r = consonant, ea = vowel, m = consonant.

Practice reading these words and add these to make a simple sentence together.

Tricky words

- Practice these words

said, so, do, have, like, some, come, were, there, little, one, when, out, what